From a single source.

From a single source. And one head. The Huber Parking range of services.


From Analysis to Circularity

Huber Parking is a specialist: We only do car parks. But that’s where Huber Parking is an all-rounder: when it comes to MSCPs, we master the entire spectrum from analysis to circularity like no other. We cover the entire value chain: consulting – conception – design – execution – operation – after-sales services – modernisation – recycling. If you wish, we can offer you all of this as a complete solution. Or as individual modules, customised to your individual requirements. In both cases you benefit from our extensive experience and expertise: because when you understand the big picture, you can advise more effectively on the details. Our holistic approach covers the entire product life cycle This enables us to deliver the best solution for your case. At Huber Parking, we advise and deliver everything with combined know-how and as a complete solution.


Huber Parking Value Cycle.

We think in cycles. And beyond.

We are not interested in maximising short-term profits, but in long-term value retention over the entire life cycle for the benefit of all parties involved. Car park construction does not start with the first cut of the spade: intensive consultation, reliable planning and material selection are just as important for success as a solid construction system and professional project execution. From the very beginning, we think in terms of future phases and requirements. Huber Parking thinks in cycles – so that you can benefit from integrated solutions.

The Huber Parking Value Cycle.

All services from a single source and one head for holistic, long-term solutions

Analysis and planning


The construction of a new car park or the expansion of an existing property requires major investment. This makes it all the more important to be able to make the right decisions on a valid basis. We analyse the site conditions, consider usage scenarios and potential capacity utilisation and work with you to develop the right solution, including an individual business plan (we can also help with financing on request). We not only consider the construction costs, but also the subsequent operating costs from the outset. Whether it’s a new build, conversion or refurbishment – we want the best solution for your location: a car park with the highest possible benefits and optimum cost efficiency that remains profitable and retains its value throughout its entire life cycle. We also like to think “out of the box” in order to find new ways to find new solutions.

Analysis and planning


Our planning focuses on the future viability of your building project: a car park that meets your individual requirements, the specific local conditions and the usage needs of today and tomorrow in equal measure. With architecture that takes functionality and flexibility just as much into account as the selection of the most durable building materials possible. Our car park concepts range from attractive façade design and intelligent fire protection, traffic, guidance and lighting concepts to analogue and digital building infrastructure. This includes barrier-free access as well as solutions for alternative (onward) transport options or barrier-free parking and interfaces for digital payment systems.

Analysis and planning


Good multi-storey car parks not only integrate themselves into the local mobility infrastructure with well thought-out traffic concepts in terms of spatial planning, but also architecturally into the built environment with their structure and façade. The Huber Parking construction system guarantees reliable cost transparency: the flexible steel composite construction method with prefabricated components enables short construction times and thus process reliability. This is further enhanced by Building Information Modeling (BIM): the use of state-of-the-art software and our experience in handling digital building models ensure more efficient project management. All specialist designers can work simultaneously on a digital model, integrating all design disciplines into the building model. This creates a digital twin whose information can also be used in all downstream processes. . In addition, we are constantly expanding our Huber Parking database, which contains over 30 years’ worth of building data that we have compiled ourselves. You and your finances benefit from this combined expertise.

Construction and operation


Our many years of experience as a general contractor guarantee smooth and therefore efficient processes during the execution stage, when the developed and coordinated solution design is to be implemented. This is based on precise implementation plans including all calculations and dimensions. Once the defined services have been awarded to subcontractors, it’s time to go to the construction site: all the construction processes and trades involved must be managed transparently. All upstream and downstream trades relating to car park construction are carried out under our supervision and coordination. This includes, for example, earthworks and foundation work, reinforced concrete work, electrical work and various finishing trades, as well as steel construction and ceiling installation, concreting and coating work. The aim is always to maximise time and cost efficiency through to turnkey delivery. Our partnerships with key suppliers help us to ensure reliable delivery.

Construction and operation


The warranty period begins upon acceptance. In Germany, this is either four years for VOB contracts or five years for BGB contracts. However, we do not only provide a warranty for the entire construction project, but we are also at your side for the rest of the life cycle. After all, a modern car park places many demands on the operator: The technical systems must be maintained, staff must be trained and security and care must be guaranteed. By concluding a maintenance contract, you not only extend the duration of the warranty period: we also ensure unrestricted utilisation and lasting good quality of the structures during operation. If you wish, Huber Parking can also offer you the operation of your car park as a service – from personnel and administrative tasks through to the handling of parking and payment processes. In this way, we ensure a high level of operational reliability with demand-oriented building management – at low operating costs.

Construction and operation

After Sales Services

The better maintained a car park is, the more comfortable and secure people feel in it. Regular, professional maintenance therefore pays off. Our aim is to maintain the value of your property in the long term while minimising costs. Cleaning, development and maintenance care, repairs: Huber Parking acts early and proactively with appropriate measures. We offer regular monitoring of the parking areas and professional cleaning of the car park with our own fleet of cleaning vehicles. As a reliable barrier against chlorides, the floor coating is freed from de-icing salts after the winter period. This not only prolongs the life of the coating, but also improves the appearance of the entire car park. We also offer all our after-sales services for car parks that we have not built or operated ourselves.

Modernisation and Circularity.


Huber Parking does not only build new car parks. If an existing building is available, we always recommend revitalisation instead of demolition. This includes refurbishment, repair and modernisation, conversions, and extensions, as well as the reconstruction of car parks. Our aim is always to maximise the life cycle of a property through refurbishment and extension. Huber Parking employs engineers, architects and draughtsmen for the design and implementation of these resource-saving measures, who have specific experience from corresponding projects and are happy to support you.

Modernisation and Circularity.


At the end of a multi-storey car park’s ‘life cycle’, we prioritise reuse and recycling. That is why, right from the design stage, we focus on parts and components that can be separated from the structure without destruction and reused directly for other purposes. In this way, we avoid using components that can only be returned to the material cycle through recycling. This brings us full circle to the Huber Parking Value Cycle.

Fire Protection.

The best fire protection? Prevention.

Fire protection is an important issue. And that’s a good thing – after all, it’s about protecting human life and the environment At Huber Parking, we have continuously increased our expertise in this area over the years. We are convinced that maximum safety beyond R60 requirements can only be achieved through technically sound design. Our team will provide you with an engineer-driven approach that integrates the current requirements, possibilities, materials, and technologies into a solution that is safe, innovative, and economical. For more information on fire safety, please visit our download area.



You have questions. We have the answers.

Partnership at eye level, direct contact with decision-makers and specialists: we support you from the first phone call to the handover of the finished product. And beyond. At Huber Parking, you can expect competent, future-oriented design, individual financial advice, complete construction management as well as maintenance, care and even the complete operation of car parks. Huber Parking gives you reliable answers to all these questions:

  • What is the best solution for my site?
  • What do I need to consider in advance?
  • What do I need to consider to ensure that I am also well equipped for future needs?
  • How do I get good transport links?
  • How do I optimise my budget?
  • How can I be sure that the timetable will work?
  • How can I optimise the use of my capacity?
  • How do I ensure the longevity of my property?

You can rely on more than 30 years of specific expertise in the design, construction, maintenance, and operation of multi-storey car parks in international locations. Put your trust in the market-leading expertise of Huber Parking.